Steelion’s Breakthrough Technology Based Prefab Innovation

Our game changing HCT Technology is the future of construction.

Traditionally, only one prefab technology is used by Prefab players in India. At Steelion, we combine the four construction material systems as per project requirements which include Prefabricated Steel, Precast Concrete, Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF), RCC Casting in-site. With the combination of these  four construction material systems we customize solutions for our clients for the project’s specific technical requirements namely, increased fire and seismic performance, improved thermal and noise insulation, better flexibility for building modifications and renovations, achieving higher spans, reduced structural member sizes and increased usable spaces.

When HCT combines with our Design-Build service, our clients significantly improve their Return on Investment.

Time is Money

Time efficiency is just one of the many perks enjoyed by our clients. Early project delivery allows clients to start their production earlier and generate revenues. With Design-Build combined with HCT, our clients benefit in many more ways including:

Superior Quality & Cost Efficiency

Offers benefits of 4 key construction material systems and offsite factory production reduces idling charges at  project site.

Flexibility to Explore Designs

Flexibility for architects and developers to explore innovative designs and incorporate them into new and existing projects.

Minimal On-site Disturbance

Prefab steel structures and frames ensure existing business activity at the building site is not affected due to construction.

Salvage Value by Recycling Steel

In case of a need to dismantle the constructed build, the steel structures and frames can be reused / recycled.

Saves Time

40-50% savings due to 24 hour сайт omg shifts and removal of hindrances caused by rains, heat and severe cold through offsite construction.

No Cost Overruns

Commitment to pre-approved costs maintained by eliminating  idling charges due to weather and other unforeseen factors. 

Improved ROI

Handover of finished projects well within agreed deadlines enabling clients to start production / operations earlier.

Less Waste and Landfill

Less waste generated / sent to landfill during construction due to the detailed planning undertaken before work is commenced.